We are an outdoor venue. Stage dimensions below (2 level stage):

  • Primary – 35’ x 16’
    • Level 2 Stage – 20’ x 10’ (behind primary)
    • For Labor Day Festival, Global 1ft Truss System (41′ x 31′) surrounds the stage to support lighting (NOT speakers). Weather resistant roof measures 42′ x 32′.”

Entertainment for summer events manage their own sound/lighting and are on the stage, without a roof. Entertainers are encouraged to bring portable shelter/tent for weather protection.

Entertainment for Labor Day Festival are on stage with truss/roof. Sound/lighting management negotiable via contract.

Our entertainers are professional, family friendly and at sole discretion of the Festival Committee. For more information contact Cherri Pretty at cpretty@zoomtown.com.

Click the image for larger view.

Stage-from-Drone_sm  St.-C-Stage-3_sm

2014-NR-Stage-_sm  Stage-Set-from-Behindmed_sm