Vendor Information

We appreciate your interest in participating in St. Cecilia’s parish festival.

We anticipate attendance at 12-15 thousand people this year!

Food booth rental are as follows:

(1) 10×10 booth $600
(1) Vendor supplied trailer requiring electric hook up $900

To accommodate Board of Health inspections, all booths must be set up at least 2 hours prior to festival opening (approx 2:00 p.m. Saturday).

We would appreciate confirmation on your plans to participate in 2019’s festival by the end of June.

Vendors requiring electric hook up require a minimum of 100 ft cord to enable placement and hook up to power supply.

Booth rentals are subject to approval of the Festival Committee.

Sponsor Information

You are invited to promote your business through the sponsorship of St. Cecilia’s Labor Day Festival.

What began as a simple “Church picnic” in 1919 for families of the church, has become not only the oldest but one of the largest and without a doubt, Northern Kentucky’s #1 Church festival. We anticipate attendance at 12-15 thousand this year. The monies raised ensure that St. Cecilia’s may continue its rich tradition of teaching children to achieve a full life in Christ.

The success of St. Cecilia’s Labor Day Festival has been built on the Northern Kentucky businesses that have positioned themselves through sponsorship to promote their businesses. This unique sponsorship opportunity is available at a range of levels with varying promotional opportunities as outlined in the attached. St. Cecilia’s Labor Day Weekend Festival will be promoted heavily through radio, outdoor signage, grass-roots marketing and print media…adding significantly to the value of sponsorship.

As you review the sponsorship opportunities, please note that certain levels are promoted in the pre-festival advertising and our lead-in events making it necessary to adhere to the given deadlines. To ensure that your business is included in the appropriate promotional materials indicated (including T-shirts), we ask that you respond by July 1, 2019.

___PLATINUM – $1000 (min) Sponsor of one of the Major Attractions such as Fireworks, Fran Cosmo formerly of Boston. Advertisement with logo on stage billboard as a Platinum Sponsor, Church Bulletin Platinum recognition over the course of the summer leading up to the festival, Name & Logo on T-shirt, Website Platinum recognition on the with a link to your business website, Booth Sponsorship Signage, and recognition on St. Cecilia’s advertisement board outside of church on selected weekends throughout the year

___GOLD – $500 Advertisement with logo on the stage billboard as a Gold Sponsor, Church Bulletin Gold sponsorship recognition, Name and Logo on T-shirt, Website Gold recognition on, Booth Sponsorship Signage, and recognition on St. Cecilia’s advertisement board outside of church on selected weekends throughout the year

___SILVER – $250 Advertisement on stage billboard, Church Bulletin Silver sponsorship recognition, Website recognition on, Booth Sponsorship Signage

___BRONZE – $100 Advertisement on Stage Billboard, Website recognition on

We look forward to the opportunity of partnering with you for St. Cecilia’s Labor Day Festival. As a business, this is fully deductible as an advertising expense while providing invaluable assistance to St. Cecilia’s during our largest fundraiser.

If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding sponsorship opportunities, please contact Cherri Pretty at (513) 673-9802 or email at CPRETTY@ZOOMTOWN.COM.

Please download a copy of the Record of Donation Form and return it to:

St. Cecilia’s Church
Festival Sponsorship
5313 Madison Pike
Independence, KY 41051