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#1 Festival in Northern Kentucky

St Cecilia’s Labor Day Festival has been rated the #1 Festival for Northern Kentucky.

Congratulations to James C. Forsythe M.D. from Clovis,CA
Winner of the 2018 2nd Chance Drawing.

The winner of the 2018 Stingray Coupe w/Z51 Performance Package is Richard Kilfoyle from Carmichael, CA. ticket #3068 of 5972 sold. Congratulations!

Richard called and has decided to take the cash. Thank you to all those who purchased ticket for your support.

The winner of Early Bird drawings are

1st – Jerry Ruf , Brooksville KY

2nd – Kevin Stambaugh Independence KY

3rd – Carl Bainbridge, Louisville  KY

4th – Samantha Motto, Steubenville OH (Saturday September 1st)

5th – Jonnie & Slinky Scott, Florence KY (Sunday September 2nd)

Volunteer Hall of Fame

inmemorymarietta herb-1 Volunteer-Hall-of-Fame_Steve-since-2017 Volunteer-Hall-of-Fame_Kathleen-since-2017 Volunteer-Hall-of-Fame_Bridget-since-2017 strain-family-since-1972 st-cecilias-is-blessed-to-have-fr-mario ron phil-since-2005 mary-lou-since-1970 Martin-Volunteers_sm image1 jenny-since-1995 june-since-2005 Kevin-since-2012_sm laura-and-taylor-since-2006sm lennymary-sueand-george-since-1985 hance-family-since-19851 frame engelmans-since-1997 ed-since-2006sm dennis-since-2002 david-and-lauie-since-1996 daniel dan-and-katy-since-2008 chris-r-since-2008 Adam-volunteered-since-2013_sm akers-family-since-2011sm austin beth-since-1992 Bill-Since_1999 Brenda-volunteer-since-2014_sm button-family-since-2005sm Celia-and-Sherry-lrg cherri-since-2007 2012-st-c-karen-jaimie-and-brad 2011-niehaus-and-hurtt-beer-sales 2011-chicken-dinner-friendssm 2011-benner-familysm 2010-craig-and-melissa 100_6410 ron frame

St. Cecilia Church of Independence

Want to learn more about St. Cecilia’s of Independence?

Click here to visit the church website

St. Cecilia Church
5313 Madison Pike
Independence, KY 41051